Clothing for anyone who ever feels that little bit sketchy

We all have times when our heads aren't right. Maybe we're having a bad day, or maybe we're struggling with something bigger. But whatever we're feeling, the support of others is key to getting back on track.

We believe that we can help each other through what we wear. Unite behind a symbol that says we understand and feel it too. So when someone who's struggling sees us wearing one of our t-shirts, they know they're not alone.

We get it, and we've got you.
We can make all our lives better by coming together.

Together wear stronger.

Making a difference

Made to order, made for you

Products that care about our world

Minimising waste

We don't add any unnecessary tags or labels to our products. They might look fancy, but we believe in keeping it simple and not creating things that'll just get thrown away.

Fair and kind

All our clothes come from manufacturers who display the highest standards of production methods. From the organic source of materials to the fair treatment of employees.

Responsible about plastics

Our packaging is free from plastic - your clothes will arrive in a nice, simple brown paper parcel instead. And any man-made fibres in our clothing come from a recycled source.

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