About Us


We’re Matt and Alex, founders of We’ve Got You. It’s a clothing brand that’s all about great-looking, comfortable and ethically-produced clothes that we like to wear. T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps…that kind of thing. But our clothes have a purpose beyond just covering our backs. They’re about having each other’s backs too.

Matt and I have backgrounds in the music and advertising industries, both of which suffer from being hotbeds for mental health challenges. We've both struggled with our own mental health issues at times in our lives, and continue to encounter them. And the truth is that a huge number of people are the same. In fact one in four of us will feel a mental health challenge every year.

It's a huge number, but it's hidden. We'll often feel we should deal with our issues ourselves and don't seek help and support in others. Especially true of blokes. So dealing with your own mental health can be a lonely fight. We dress ourselves in a hard outer shell that says everything is normal. But inside we're feeling sketchy as hell.

We've Got You is about letting ourselves admit that we can sometimes feel sketchy inside, and that's ok. And it's about creating solidarity with others who might sometimes feel the same.

How we dress says a lot about how we feel. And the things we wear can create a solidarity with others - from band t-shirts, to football club colours, or wristbands supporting a common cause. So with We've Got You clothes we come together in supporting ourselves and each other through any daily battle with the contents of our heads. Wearing our heads on our sleeves, if you like.

Our symbol is an asterisk. Because it stands for something going on beyond what you can see at face value. Something happening underneath. And that's what can be going on for us on any given day. It's a little sign that quietly says that we understand, we feel it too, and well, 'we've got you'.

To help make more of a difference to the mental health of us all, £5 from every piece of clothing you buy from us will go to support organisations doing great work on the ground to help.

So let's have each other's backs, wear our heads on our sleeves and look to make anyone who's sketchy today feel that little bit more supported.

Together Wear Stronger.